studio tomi



We are still constructing our website, and this part isn't finished yet.  The projects page is up and running so you can see what type of work we do.


  • css zen garden:  The original flagship site that demonstrated the capabilities of css.  In english?  This site showed the world that a css/html website is not only viable, but preferable to the old tabled layouts.
  • your html source:  A cheeky irish young man(not a kid anymore) writes excellent tutorials on creating websites; just glanced at his site, and he even has an ajax tutorial up.
  • dynamic drive:  Open-source javascript tidbits to add a little bit of flourish to your site.

web professionals

  • a list apart:  A site by and for people who make websites.  It is a magazine with excellent articles on the state of the industry and cutting edge techniques, to name a couple subjects.
  • site point:  Another excellent web-magazine about the internet industry.



  • dafont:  slick font catagorization.  If they don't have it, you probably can't get it.
  • 1001 free fonts:  well over 1001 now, some really good fonts, you just have to dig.
  • ænigma fonts:  Not the same variety as the other two(since all the fonts are made by the owner of the site), but some good stuff none the less.


  • DOM Scripting:  the best book on javascripting that I have found.
  • color index:  a good source for inspiration.  Don't be afraid of color!