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Pirate Design

Pirate Design

John Zapf is an old college friend of ours who runs an architectural visualization studio out in LA.  He made his website, but it was just too slow, so he contacted us for a little help.


What he had originally looked good, but it was not google friendly at all (images just do not cut it for the googlebots), nor was it very practical for updating it(i.e. it was a lot of work for him to add or change anything in his gallery).  So we used the table/image based website (that he generated with macromedia products) as a mock up for what the hand crafted html/css/javascript solution should look like in the end.  So now it has the look and feel of the original design, but is extensible, he has already added two pages of galleries.

The gallery pages are driven by a set of custom scripts we wrote to handle image rollovers, preloading, and the click functions (displaying the images on the same page, as well as showing the larger images in a new window).  One thing to note is that you do not need javascript to see the images, we specifically built the site and the scripts in such a way that you can still view all of the images with out javascript being enabled.  It adds functionality to the site, but is not the driving force.