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Discount Flies

Discount Flies already had a website, but they felt that it just wasn't cutting it with the current state of the internet.  They wanted something that was shiny, new and search engine friendly.  We were more than willing to oblige.


This is our first e-commerce site!  So not only did we have to design the layout and graphics, but we had to make it work with their existing merchant software (an older versions of Miva Merchant).  A lot what we wanted to do couldn't be done with their version of Miva Merchant, so Miah had to get down and dirty with the code and hack up some solutions.  On the search engine side, we cleaned up the linking structure(googlebot doesn't like to many variables) as well as provided them with a way to place key terms through out their site.  The next step is to go out and see if we can generate some more external links.